‘Nikki’ of the famous television series ‘The Parker’s’ barely needs any words of introduction.

American Comedia Monique

The bold and beautiful Mo’nique has time and again, proven herself with her God-gifted humor and acting skills.

Apart from her character Nikki, the 50 years old was also applauded as a stand-up comedian in ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ and ‘Thank God You’re Here’.

However, Mo’nique was not just acclaimed for her work as a comedian, she also featured in films and made her way to the top stars too quick.

Her roles that took her to the new heights of stardom were in ‘two can play that game’, ‘soul plane’, ‘hair show’ and more importantly, precious’.

Since the initial days of her career, Mo’nique was overweight and was commonly called the ‘big girl’, however, nothing seemed to affect her and she was proud of her curves. She embraced her overweight body and was very much confident about it!

Often when asked about how she feels about her nickname, the woman always expressed how positive she feels about it. Many a times, she has been witnessed stating, ‘the bigger the better’!

But despite having an optimistic approach towards her overweight-self, she chose to get in shape years later!

So, what became the reason that pushed her to weight loss– what encouraged her to lose a whopping 100 pounds in total?

Height: 1.75m (5.7”)
Weight before transformation: 262lbs.
Weight loss: 100 lbs.
Current weight: 162lbs.


Mo’nique weight loss came across as a great surprise for her fans. While some were shocked, others were way too happy for her transformation.

But in spite of the different reactions, everyone wanted to know what motivated her to maintain healthy weight.

When asked in an interview, the comedian revealed that there was not just a single reason behind her transformation, but many.

Amongst others was her husband’s willingness to see her fit and healthy.

According to her, when he asked her about Mo’nique weight, his reaction was an utter surprise.

He requested her to consider weight loss so that he can have her by his side for his entire life. Since excessive weight puts your health at risk, he wanted her to take measures and work for weight management.

The incidence was a turning point for the woman as she never felt this special before.

She now wanted to live, to be healthy!

Apart from this, there were other factors that led to her change like she being diagnosed with hypertension and reaching a weight of 262 pounds!

Thankfully, Mo’nique took all these problems seriously and shifted towards a healthy lifestyle.

Mo’nique was also keen to inspire her fans and motivate them for a better life. For that, she used the social media platform and shared her fitness journey from time to time.

Mo’nique before and after photos on instagram are sure to give us major fitness goals!


The comedian-cum-actress had a carefree lifestyle before her transformation.

Monique weight loss

She used to eat whatever she wanted, and was fine with the thought of abusing her body. However, her outlook towards life has now changed. Today, she wants to live and be with her family for long.

Mo’nique’s expressed her wish to be around her grandchildren and watch them playing.

To reach that point, she has to take care of herself and overcome her self-neglect nature.


Her seriousness towards her targets can be considered by the fact that she has moved down from 262lbs to 162lbs, which is quite impressive.

Even though, the much- enthusiastic Mo’nique has reached her fitness milestones, however, her struggles are yet not over.

She now wants to maintain her weight and enjoy this healthy state for the rest of her life. For this reason, her focus will now be on weight management practices, instead of weight loss.


Her secret to success lies in her dedication, diet, training and other lifestyle changes she made for good.

Monique Workout for weight lossMo’nique diet was based on fish, veggies and fruits and she avoided red meat and fried foods completely. She also increased her water intake to a considerable level.

However, cutting the calorie intake was never sufficient and hence, she hired a professional trainer to get rid of what she already had inside- fats!

Mo’nique workout was a high-intensity dance routine that was equally entertaining and effective.

Interestingly, her trainer has designed the entire circuit focusing more on her legs and hips.

Her dance videos are easily accessible through her Instagram account.


Mo’nique’s journey from a baggy body to a finely-toned physique is no less like an inspiration.

Her eagerness to be by her family for long and cope up with her medical condition compelled her to do what we never expected from her!

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